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ZipCodeZero.......Mon-Thurs 7-9 PM  On the road…be back on Aug 27th   Request Here!

Our flagship program featuring new artists on Code Zero Radio

How The Blues Evolved....Mon Wed Sat 3:00 PM

A continuing series presented by blues historian Paul Merry

New Driven Revolution....Mon & Thurs 8-10:0 AM

Sherry Sabine introduces new artists with insightful interviews

Cinemascene….A 30 minute podcast reviewing the latest movies and industry trends. Brought to you from our friends at WGWG. Sunday and Wednesday at 9:00 PM

Follow Fridays Shout Out Show.....8-10:00 AM

A call in show where you tell us who is the best follow on Twitter. Bands or people, you make the call!


                               Weather Updates.....every hour

                                            News.....5:00 PM Weekdays


New Artists In This Week!


Chasing Silence -  Wasteland

Shameless To Say -  The Heat In Cheater

The Thrill - Kick Me (performed by Loser)

Trust Divided - Sail On, Welcome To The Fight

Wireframe - Pottersfield

NEEHISOX - Hard To Get, Friendly Ashes

Pigmy Love Circus - Drug Run To Fontana, Pistolero Sleep










About Us

We are New Rock for New Radio. What exactly do we mean? Well rock itself is not new, but the way its being recorded, marketed, distributed and presented is experiencing a revolution. The major labels and charting publications are struggling to contain what you hear and what you purchase.The only thing they can produce is watered down manufactured pop music that is designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Those of us in the music community know better. And those of you that demand something better by supporting independent artist, are what's  driving this new revolution. Searching the world to bring you the absolute best in independent recording artists.

That is what we do, that is our passion. That is...CodeZeroRadio.

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